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Linked Data Connector for SAP ECC


Our Linked Data Connector for SAP ECC exposes SAP data as an enterprise graph. This greatly facilitates ad hoc queries and integration of its content with other datasets, both within and outside your enterprise.

Via our connector, web applications and applications built around open standards can easily access data and relationships stored within an SAP system. The data can also be integrated into any W3C RDF compliant triplestore and be queried using the standardized SPARQL query language.

SAP Configuration Dialog

N-Triples RDF Editor


Linked Data Connector for SAP ECC exposes SAP function modules using a REST/HTTP Linked Data interface.

  • Supports SAP Version 7 and up. Requires only ABAP core system, no need for SAP NetWeaver Gateway.
  • Works also with non RFC capable function modules.
  • Generates standard W3C RDF N-Triples [1].
  • Allows for flexible mapping of SAP structures to RDF graphs.
  • Allows for flexible configuration of output name spaces.
  • Allows for synchronization with external SPARQL endpoint.

Your Advantages

  • Works with standard SAP function modules as well as user supplied function modules.
  • Easy integration of SAP data into web application through a REST interface.
  • No additional license fees.
  • Easy installation and configuration within SAP.
  • Complex data structures can be transformed into a powerful RDF data model.
  • Allows for easy transformation into other open standards, like JSON-LD [2].
  • Greatly facilitates ad hoc queries by using an external SPARQL endpoint.
  • Easy exposure of your ERP data as REST API with Zazuko Hydra Box (opens new window).

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