About Zazuko

Every organization faces complex challenges that require thorough and contextual understanding of available data.

At Zazuko, we empower organizations to transform complex data into actionable knowledge. Our expertise lies in creating interconnected, contextualized knowledge graphs that turn scattered information into strategic assets. From sales figures and customer interactions to market trends and internal communications, we ensure that all your data is not just collected, but connected.

Our Approach

We support enterprises and government organizations worldwide in building data-centric (opens new window) applications and knowledge graphs based on open standards. By developing innovative tools and frameworks, we enable developers to build custom applications that empower users and internal teams to leverage standardized graph technologies effectively.

Our solutions offer more than just data collection. For example, consider the typical experience of using LinkedIn for managing professional contacts. Our knowledge graph technology enhances this by allowing you to see not only profiles but also the context of your connections—where you met, the topics discussed, and potential opportunities. This transforms a simple list of contacts into a dynamic, informative network.

Why Zazuko

  • Global Presence: Headquartered in Switzerland, our team spans across Europe and Southeast Asia, supporting customers from every corner of the globe.

  • Expertise: We specialize in RDF-based knowledge graphs and linked data, providing expert consulting and tailored software architecture to meet your specific needs.

  • Innovation: Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our continuous development of tools and frameworks that set new standards in the data-centric technology landscape.

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