Data stories

Told by Linked Data

Sometimes it can be difficult to explain what Linked Data and Knowledge Graphs can be used for. Therefore our colleague Magdalena Surówka created these Jupyter Notebooks. They let the data speak and show how different datasources can be combined and used for analytics. Most of the data comes from our customer projects, where our team has converted existing data from different sources into Linked Data and created pipelines that automatically update and publish it to a triple store.

Linked Data can help you transform your business. Wondering if this will work for your company? Get in touch! We're happy to provide consulting, development and support.

Electricity tariffs are rising

How much more will you have to spend on electricity in 2023?

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Commissions of the Swiss Parliament

To which parties do the members of the parliamentary commissions belong?

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Members of Swiss Parliament

How old are the members of parliament in Switzerland? And what is its gender distribution?

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Central business name index - Zefix

Where are most companies based in Switzerland?

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Development of Swiss municipalities

How did municipalities merge?

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Animal diseases in Switzerland

How do animal disease outbreaks work?

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Scheduling trains with Linked Data

Working with data from SBB shows how complex problems can be solved with Linked Data.

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Electricity Tariffs

How do electricity tariffs in Switzerland vary?

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Economic activities in Zürich

How does the number of restaurants evolve over time? Who works in after-school care?

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Population in Zürich

How do different population indicators evolve?

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Real estate in Zürich

How do housing prices and the number of available apartments develop over time?

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