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About Zazuko

We believe that data should be the center of your information architecture and applications are a mere tool to interact with, and update them.

We believe in the Data-Centric Manifesto.

We are building new kinds of applications.

Our products, libraries & standards are built around these core principles.

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Central business name index - Zefix

Where are most companies based in Switzerland?

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Enterprise Data Catalog at La Mobilière

How Linked Data can be used inside a company

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We believe in Open Source

The vast majority of the code we write is open-source.

Making our software, libraries and tooling accessible to anyone under a free software license is our way of contributing to the community we benefit from.

We also believe in open standards and specifications. We actively contribute to standardization efforts such as RDFJS.

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We offer tools and libraries to create, convert, publish, display, search or manipulate Linked Data.

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