Committed to knowledge graphs for your business.

We provide consulting and made-to-measure solutions based on our expertise in the RDF graph database and linked data technology stack.

We provide a one-stop-shop for businesses that want to harness the power of RDF based knowledge graphs: from consulting, development, and implementation to training and long-term support.


Whether you have a specific problem or are just curious about how building RDF based knowledge graphs can help transform your business, we provide unique experience and expertise. We can help you to speed up your team and address & solve your problems.

We offer retainer packages for clients who would benefit from our expert advice on a regular basis.

Development & Implementation

You use RDF but want less complexity for interacting with graph-based data? We build and maintain tools for interacting with RDF based data at any level. We are core-contributors to some of the most used RDF libraries and specifications and we build tailor-made applications for domain specialists.

Training & Support

Zazuko is a trusted partner for RDF related training. We provide anything from entry-level training material to hands-on training for experienced development teams and RDF users.

What is RDF used for?

Probably for more than you think!

Very large public knowledge graphs like UniProt with more than 50 billion triples, projects like Wikidata, based search engine optimization or publishing statistical data in a machine-readable form: these are just a few of public RDF based use cases. Many more happen behind corporate firewalls. Contact us to learn about how you can transform your own business with rich data!

Why RDF?

The knowledge graph standard

Unlike any other graph-based data model, RDF is formally defined by the group that brought you the Web, the W3C. This includes the data model itself, its serializations, query languages and even commonly shared vocabularies and ontologies. This also means you have a competitive market and can choose the tools that fit best for your business.

Batteries included

RDF provides much more than just a data model specification. Once your data starts being available in RDF you can harness the power of shared vocabularies and ontologies, reasoning and inference and use your data as a well-prepared input for machine learning. We know what tools fit best for you at what stage in your use-case.