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Enterprise Data Catalog at La Mobilière

La Mobilière (opens new window) is one of the biggest insurers in Switzerland and has a lot of data from a lot of different sources. That makes it difficult to analyze data across sources or applications. The volume of data and the different formats make it a lengthy and tedious process for Data Scientists to even know if the data is available for a particular analysis or if it has the necessary quality. In times of Big Data and data-driven value creation, this is not a good situation. But it is exactly the type of complex data problem where Linked Data can play to its strengths.

Our Work

To start, our team showed La Mobilière the possibilities of Linked Data. We worked with their data on their infrastructure and delivered a working Proof Of Concept – which is something Zazuko always tries to achieve as quickly as possible. At the same time, the goal was to enable La Mobilière's developers to work independently with Linked Data. With our many years of experience in training, we are the right partner for such an undertaking.

After this positive experience La Mobilière decided to build a tailor-made Enterprise Data Catalog based on Linked Data, our staff joined a La Mobilière development team and started working on the project.

"Zazuko supported us from adapting graph technologies all the way to software and product development. Their deep knowledge of graph methodology combined with hands-on experience in operationalizing implementations enabled us to quickly build our enterprise data catalog."

- Adrian Meyer; Architect and Product Owner, Enterprise Data Catalog at


We want to connect information about processes, applications, organization and information/data and thus enable specific access for different user groups, such as actuaries, data scientists, architects, data analysts and developers.

Bruno Russiniello, Head Of Data Architecture at La Mobilière

The La Mobilière Enterprise Data Catalog links metadata from all applications running on relational databases, but also data from Excel sheets in the compliance department. It has a federated structure, which means that data can be added independently from any department or team at La Mobilière. Every employee can now find out where a certain dataset is located, who is responsible and how it can be accessed.

Use Cases

By linking metadata from customers, contracts, claims and employees, La Mobilière can now easily answer the following questions:

  • In which databases do we have data on a particular topic?
  • Who is responsible for this data?
  • Who has access to the database in which it is stored?
  • Is someone responsible for a particular topic or data set leaving or has already left the company?
  • Does it make sense for one person to have access to a data set or does the person already work in another department?


The collaboration between La Mobilière and Zazuko continues today and the synergies benefit both companies. La Mobilière uses our expertise to further develop their catalog, while we have taken our experience from there to start a similar project for our company. Since we are much smaller and do not have the same amount of data, we went one step further and merged not only the metadata, but also the content of our different data sources into one knowledge graph. We look forward to further collaboration and are excited to see how the project will develop in the future.

Do you want to have an Enterprise Data Catalog in your company? Or are you simply wondering how Linked Data can help you transform your business? Get in touch! We're happy to provide consulting, development and support.