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Zazuko Ontology Manager


The Zazuko Ontology Manager (ZOM) is a web application for serving, browsing and modeling RDF Schemas and Ontologies. It supports the full process of creating, publishing and extending an ontology. ZOM's user interface has been designed for teams of domain specialists working jointly on an ontology. No specific ontology modeling knowledge is required to use the editor. ZOM leverages GitHub to store the ontology, but carefully hides the complexity of serializing the schema into RDF triples from users of the editor.

We believe creating, editing, evolving an ontology is easiest done using a collaborative web platform designed specifically for this use case, allowing all actors to reach consensus gradually, using asynchronous proposals, discussions and votes.


  • Easy to use web interface for creating and extending a schema. Consumers of a schema can browse it using the same web interface.
  • Fully supports roles, separating users, editors and administrators of a schema.
  • Supports the process of modeling and extending a schema by providing a structured workflow that guides users from proposing a change, through the review process, and all the way to final integration into the schema.
  • Supports discussing changes and voting on them.
  • RSS available to follow changes to a schema.
  • Leverages GitHub to provide full version history.

Support and License

The Zazuko Ontology Manager is commercial software developed by Zazuko GmbH. It is available as a cloud hosted version for an annual fee or for on premise hosting. Support for ZOM is available directly from Zazuko GmbH. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

An open source version is also available on GitHub: (opens new window)

Demo, Screenshots

Try our demo instance: (opens new window)