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Zazuko Trifid

Trifid screenshot 1

Trifid provides a lightweight and easy way to access Linked Data URIs via HTTP. In the Linked Data world this is often called dereferencing (opens new window). Trifid is inspired by Pubby (opens new window) and written in (server side) JavaScript.

Trifid's HTML frontend is highly customizable and can also be used as Linked Data CMS. This makes it easy to render any Linked Data in a webpage provided by Trifid.


  • Provides a Linked Data interface to SPARQL protocol servers
  • Provides an in-memory store suitable for smaller data sets and testing environments
  • Provides a simple HTML interface showing the data available about each resource
  • Support for multiple HTML templates based on namespace patterns
  • HTML view is providing embedded JSON-LD, which is rendered by client-side JavaScript
  • Takes care of content-negotiation
  • Runs well behind HTTP reverse proxies like Varnish
  • Provides a SPARQL proxy and YASGUI (opens new window) as web frontend
  • Does not do 303 redirects because we don't like the extra round-trip

Trifid screenshot 2


  • A SPARQL endpoint (accessed via HTTP, needs to support JSON-LD for HTML view)
  • Or for development some triples in a local file. In this case the built-in in-memory store can be used.

Trifid supports all content-types provided by the SPARQL endpoint and does not do additional format conversion.

Support & License

Trifid is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 and available free of charge on our Github (opens new window) page. Commercial support is available upon request. Contact us for more information.