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SHACL Playground

You want to use SHACL shapes to validate RDF-based data, but find it hard to go back and forth in your IDE? Are you unsure if the rules even make sense and are applied to your data? Stop worrying and use our SHACL playground!

SHACL playground allows you to define Data Shapes according to the W3C Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) (opens new window) and test them against sample data.

The implementation of the validation is 100% in JavaScript and thus 100% client-side. We provide an instance of our validator here (opens new window). It is built on our JavaScript-based SHACL library (opens new window).

If you are new to SHACL you might want to have a look at the W3C specification document (opens new window). To help you get started, we imported the example in part 1.4 (opens new window) to our SHACL-playground (opens new window), which gives you a better overview and allows you to play around with the data and its validation.



SHACL Playground is released as Open Source Software under the AGPL license.


Please report issues and feature requests on Github (opens new window). If you have other questions please post a message in the discussion forum (opens new window).

If you need a specific feature or support, get in touch. We're happy to provide consulting services, development and support.